A junior software engineer, with experience in Typescript, uniting testing, agile working.

typescriptpythonreactnext.jsui-librariesSaaSagile & scrumversion control

Jun 23 - Sep 23

Software Engineer Intern | Data Camp

Collaborated with the Organic Growth Engineering team, within an agile and scrum framework, addressing SEO, NPD, and bug-related tickets at a SaaS organisation. I participated in two hackathons, creating Python audio-to-text and TypeScript UI components. Led a card component refactoring project and designed a new Circle CI workflow to streamline the acceptance review process.

Dec 22 - Apr 23

Front End Developer [Student] | EdX Bootcamp

Gained proficiency in key front-end development fundamentals, including JavaScript, Node, React, responsive design, version control (Git), package management, API calls, DOM manipulation, browser developer tools, and basic server concepts. Showcasing expertise in over 10 coding challenges and active participation in 2 group projects during a rigorous 16-week intensive bootcamp.

Dec 22 - Mar 23

Software Engineering [Student] | HyperionDev Bootcamp

Acquired essential software engineering skills in Python, including working with data structures, practicing object-oriented programming (OOP), understanding program efficiency evaluation (Big-O notation), and developing applications that interact with SQL databases. Of which I received 100% for completeness, efficiency, style, and documentation for all projects.

_Previous Experience

Over eight years experience across Brand, Design and Marketing

brand managementgraphic designmarketingleadershipcontent creationrelationship managementcollaboration

Jan 21 - Dec 22

Head of Brand & Comms | Tileyard London

Led brand unification and enhanced community experience, managing a team of three and driving collaborative efforts across departments. Achievements included revitalising communication and community events, shaping a new brand identity for TYX - Content Creation Studios, and streamlining internal processes, alongside design oversight and marketing material creation.

Jun 20 - Jan 21

Marketing Executive & Graphic Designer | Tonic Studios

As a co-designer for an e-commerce store, I specialised in crafting product landing pages, website marketing assets, and promotional emails using MailChimp and Shopify. I collaborated closely with product designers and analysts, applying my expertise in photography, copywriting, and design to create feature-led promotional material.

Aug 18 - Dec 19

Campaign Manager | The &Partnership

A pivotal player in managing and executing a variety of marketing campaigns across different sectors. My contributions included successfully overseeing a team of three designers, coordinating various assets, and ensuring the alignment of brand identity during a Coutts Private Bank rebrand. Additionally, I acted as the owner of creative briefs, managed delivery schedules, and collaborated with cross-functional teams to achieve marketing campaigns that met business objectives.

Jun 16 - Aug 18

Marketing & Design Coordinator | Hunters & Frankau

Led the creation of a customer-centric website with board support and coordinated various marketing activities, including content creation, innovative advertising strategies under restrictions, and cost-effective packaging design to reach a broader customer base, maintaining brand consistency and professionalism

Jun 15 - Jun 16

Marketing Executive | Tech Data

Developed data-driven marketing plans to enhance vendor solutions and B2B commercial channels. Assumed the role of temporary Marketing Manager, overseeing both active and planned campaigns, maintaining a 100% KPI journey, improving team effectiveness with a refined workload tracker, and cultivating strategic relationships with key clients like Dell, HP, and Intel for collaborative marketing campaigns within their portfolios.